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Capx Chat is a all-in-one multi-LLM chat model, that provides you a single interface to chat with multiple AI models and a flexible payment structure to choose from.

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Capx AI Store is home to multiple AI Agents and AI Applications

GM Panda

gmPanda is your personal voice buddy to which you can ask any questions you like, make it solve problems, re-check some facts or simply talk about the dilemmas of life, work and relationships.

@sahil @raghav

Swiping sucks and almost all dating apps today are filled with bots & creeps. Gluuu breaks the mold by introducing your very own personal ai dating agent 'Cappy', who's sole purpose is to find you the perfect match.

Talking Tom

If you are someone who's always hopping time-zones, travelling to multiple countries, and find yourself in tough situations due to language barriers, meet 'tom' your personal ai translator.


Feeling lonely, kinda depressed, or simply want that gentle woman's touch. Introducing your very own 'sexy thang', your AI girlfriend that can talk to you as like, and accompany you whenever you feel lonely or depressed.


Giffo is your browser extention sidebar always at your service, ready when you are! Ask it questions about the webpage you are on, generate code, translate between any 2 languages or simply generate a visual!


Readit is your personal reading, and learning AI agent. It will help you not only read faster but also learn faster. Choose any book you like, summarize and create quizzes around the same to learn faster!